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Some projects take months. Some have over 10 rounds of revisions on logos. But sometimes, you need something by Friday. The Süti project was a great example of a successful client-agency collaboration. By combining the right client and agency, we were able to deliver a name, positioning, and brand identity within three days. This lean, well-structured, and cost-effective project laid the foundation for a beautiful, functional brand that launched within six months.

From the start, the audience was clear - people that value the design of the iPhone, and find phone cases a clumsy addition to a beautiful product. For the name, we landed on “Süti” on day 1 - it’s the Swahili word for “suit” - a nod to the product being a stylish way to dress your phone. However, as it’s not a case, we also needed a new product descriptor - thus ‘the Phoneback’ was born. Both a descriptor & CTA, it became the base for the tagline, “Ditch the case. Get your PhoneBack.”

The brand's appearance was based on rigid Swiss design with a modern twist, and built to be minimalist. The logo is supported with the Suisse font from Swiss Typefaces creating a clean and tranquil atmosphere. In the packaging design there is a clear emphasis on the slimness of the product with a big logo cut-out to make a strong impression while staying in the minimalist realm.

To streamline production briefings and minimise prototype revisions, we digitally explored the final product's appearance — such as colour, texture, material and shape — with detailed 3D renders. This visual digital direction served as a first step for the render style for digital content that conveyed the light, airy, and clean aesthetic we were aiming for in communications.